Take Action

Be part of the Dominion Movement

Take action today and help spread the message of the film

  Visit help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest and request 'Dominion: Documentary' to help get the film on Netflix

Join and follow our social media pages to keep up to date with our latest campaigns:
  Dominion: Documentary and Farm Transparency Project on Facebook
  Farm Transparency Project on Instagram

  Donate or join the Dominion Movement Action Team as a regular monthly donor

  Order and display car windscreen decals, or bulk stickers to put up around your neighbourhood, to help advertise the film

  Recommend the film on Facebook and post the trailer

  Chalk 'WatchDominion.com' on pavements and walls, or use a liquid chalk pen to advertise on your car windows

  Persuade at least one non-vegan friend to watch the whole film

  Host a screening or have a movie night with friends, family, colleagues

  Get active with a local group such as The Save Movement; join protests, rallies, demos, marches